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Gallery #1

Reverend Jesse Jackson stopped by the Co-op on its second-to-last day prior to the move.; © Megan E. Doherty
One-year-old Milo Hossain makes his first pilgrimage to the Co-op; © Megan E. Doherty
Michael Hefter, Co-op member for a good 30 years, poses by the classic books he loves so much; © Megan E. Doherty
Jack Cella, half eclipsed by a book; © Megan E. Doherty
Steven Gray; © Megan E. Doherty
Two new books have taken their place behind the valve; © Megan E. Doherty
Patricia Sayre McCoy, long time Hyde Parker, works at the University of Chicago Law School library; © Megan E. Doherty
Cece Yu, dancer, wandered into the Co-op after a morning ballet class; © Megan E. Doherty
The former McGiffert House of the Chicago Theological Seminary is undergoing its transformation into the new home of the Co-op; © Megan E. Doherty
Aleem and brother Kyle show off one of the Co-op's industrial artifacts to one-year-old Milo; © Megan E. Doherty
A visitor pauses to capture a photo in the cloisters right outside the Co-op's entrance; © Megan E. Doherty
Jack Cella, General Manager, arriving to work at 6:30am; © Megan E. Doherty
Susie Allen, writer; © Megan E. Doherty
Carlos Penikis, First Year, holding up a gift card for the Co-op; © Megan E. Doherty
Jasmine Kwong interviews two long-time patrons, Stephen Platzer and Bernie Silberman; © Megan E. Doherty
One of many hidden corners to read; © Megan E. Doherty
Pipes, valves and books coexisting; © Megan E. Doherty
Shop and Read Local.  Visit the Co-op; © Megan E. Doherty
Patron choosing a book on the front table; © Megan E. Doherty
Two book lovers exit to the street; © Megan E. Doherty
Jack Cella, General Manager; © Megan E. Doherty
Thomas Meyer laughing; © Jasmine Kwong
Thomas Meyer with Strauss book; © Jasmine Kwong
Robert Waterbury's belongings; © Jasmine Kwong
Bernie Silberman, Prof in Dpt of Political Science and the College; © Jasmine Kwong
Brendan Carney from above; © Jasmine Kwong
Robert C. Denne, AB'71, AM'73, MBA'75; © Jasmine Kwong
Steve, Declan, Brendan Carney, & Megan Garvey AB'92; © Jasmine Kwong
Megan Doherty interviews John C. Modschiedler, former manager and employee (1965-1970); © Jasmine Kwong